The Dream Chaser – Photo Story

A dreamer is always restless.
In search for the one and only dream which may fulfill his life.
If he thinks he found it, he won’t release it so quickly.
He holds on to it as long as possible.

Der Traumsucher I

This one dream changes everything.

For the first time he becomes fully absorbed.  Allows himself to fall.
Blends with it.
Becomes one.

Just rest for a moment. Enjoy the dream.
Just forget the effort for a moment.
All the worries.
Mistrust and doubt.

After all those shortcomings.
The exhaustion becomes gradually noticeable.

The hunt left its marks.
Slowly, the dreamer disappears back into his dreamland.

Der Traumsucher II

It slips away from him.
Finally floats out of his reach.

Must grab it. Must hold it.
Must expand the collection.

Is this really the one dream? How can he be sure?
As soon as he grabs an end, he’s looking for something new and better again.
That’s what gives meaning to his life. The search. The hunt for the one dream.

Der Traumsucher III


That’s my first photo story! Concept, pictures and text were created by me.
I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Just leave a comment beneath.

Best wishes,




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