Rise and Fall – Photography Art Project

Falling Apart

Another photography art project in February 2015, is my Rise and Fall photo series.

This series was especially inspired by my own life. We fall very often, but always try to rise again and again and again. That’s the way of living, I guess.

With my photography art project I want to show you how important freedom and reaching out for your goals are.
If you work hard enough and really want to live your dreams, you might also rise and finally reach the stars. Step by step everything comes together slowly.

It’s always risky, because you might fall again.
Sometimes you just have to risk everything to reach your goal.
Just don’t give up on this stony road, ask for help if you can’t go on by yourself and don’t be afraid of falling!

I’m a dreamer since I was little and I’ll always reach for the sky, no matter what. 🙂

Back to business!
I’m going to write a making of blogpost about this shooting in the following weeks.
What do you want to know the most?
Leave a comment underneath and I’ll try to consider it in my tipps and tricks for photography.

But first I want to thank my whole team for their afford, especially to my model Julia.
This was a very hard challenge, since it has been very cold outside!

photo, concept, makeup, dress: Cornelia Gillmann
model: Julia Ringl
agency: Jademodels International
assist: Markus Chrastecky

Take a look at the pictures and tell me your opinion in the comment section below.
What are your dreams? Do you also reach for the sky or are you sitting still in a cage?

If you have further suggestions for my future projects or want to realize a project yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Have a nice day!

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