Photography making of “Snowprincess” and tips how to keep safe in winter

As I promised here’s my first photography making of from my latest project “Snowprincess” together with the lovely Miss Fairy (go and check out her site, she’s awesome!) from .

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Cornelia Gillmann – Photography

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So let’s move on to some business!
As you know it was pretty cold outside and dangerous as well, to go up to the Myrafälle (Austria). So please watch your step and be very careful, otherwise your equipment and you could get damaged as well!

Here some tips to keep your equipment (and yourself!) as safe as possible:

  • Put on accurate shoes! If it get’s slippery, your shoes have to be grippy enough to get you back in balance. Also walk slowly, while you pass some dangerous spots.
  • Don’t carry too heavy and bulky equipment on your own! Also even if it doesn’t seem like much, be sure to leave at least one hand free. (better two!) It will come in handy, if you lose your balance or step on an icy spot.
  • ALWAYS put everything back in place, before you move to your next location. Even if you think you might probably not slip, but if it happens…believe me you will be really grateful for stowing your stuff away.
  • Don’t wear your backpack in front of you! It’s more likely that you might fall and damage a lot of your equipment, than someone coming up and stealing your gear. Even if you are used to it and usually wear it in the front. Don’t do it!
  • When going back into the warmth, don’t forget to keep your equipment save from condensation! Otherwise it could get wet inside and might damage your gear. To avoid condensation, if you don’t have an accurate backpack or bag, take some zipper bags with you and put your sensitive equipment in. This will adjust your equipment slowly to the new temperature.
  • If your equipment get’s wet and you’re afraid it might get broken. Put some silica gel packs (the ones that you can find in shoe boxes) or rice in your zipper bags. Those are absorbing the moisture!
  • You are also a photographer whose lying on the ground very often (like me)? No problem at all! Take a water-repellent plastic blanket and a yoga mat with you. Put the blanket on the bottom and the yoga mat on top of it. You will be thankful to have it or else you might freeze your a** off! Also it might be helpful for your model, if she/he has to sit on the ground at some point.

Now up to some making of pictures and how I created some of my pictures.

Want to know how I achieved this effect? ->

Winter Sphere

I used my Tamron 24 – 70 mm, my Canon 5d Mark II and a speed light from Yongnuo on the left.

Tipps to get a natural lens flare on your picture:

  • You have to shoot into the sun. Lens Flares appear by the very strong rays of light that are hitting your lens. Therefore you have to catch the light with your camera, to take a picture with a lens flare.
  • Don’t use any automatic camera mode. Switch to manual, if you’re not already shooting in that mode. Else your picture will get very dark, because of the heavy light hitting your camera. The Camera’s metering will try to compensate the huge amount of light.
  • Use a flash for accurate light. If you don’t want an overexposed picture or dark subject you have to use a flash.
  • Focusing will be pretty hard, if you aren’t used to it! Your auto focus might not work, so you may need to switch to manual focus. Yes, I did this with a manual focus, because I wanted to create such a huge lens flare.
  • Choose your aperture wisely. The more open, the larger the lens flare.
  • Find the right angle for your shot. This depends on the daytime and what effect you want to achieve. I took this picture at about 3pm in winter.


How I shot this picture with little amount of editing:


We went straight into a field full of snow, because I wanted this white huge sparkle in her eyes. So a bouncer is not really necessary, if you want to go for a mostly natural look. The snow is already bright enough.
Then I put a fast speed light behind her back, gave my assistant a metal shovel (it has to be steady enough to get through the snow and to throw the snow properly) and told him how throw the snow behind her.
The very fast speed light and synchronization between your camera and flash is necessary, if you want a glittery and sparky look of the snow, like on my picture. Otherwise it will look blurry and can’t freeze the movement properly.

Here a making of picture of my “Frozen” photograph, where on of my assistants threw the snow for the first time. (he’s way too close to her, so you can see a lot of bulky snow):







A big thank you to my whole team!! 🙂
Don’t forget to take a look at the whole series, if you haven’t seen all pictures yet -> Snowprincess

photos, concept: Cornelia Gillmann
model: Bianca Lienzer aka Miss Fairy
styling, make up: Bianca Lienzer & Cornelia Gillmann
assistants: Markus & Thomas

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Have fun in the snow! Conny <3



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