Narcotic Rhapsody – Photo Story

Red poppies have always been fascinating me.
There even exists a picture of me, standing in a huge poppy field,
that was taken when I was about 6 years old.
No wonder that I would pick up the subject in the course of my life again.

That’s not the only reason why I decided to do another photo story,
but also to give more expression to my experiences, feelings and thoughts.

Nature is constantly changing.
So do we.


Narcotic Rhapsody – Photo Story


A scent so hauntingly beautiful.
Lovely incomprehensible.
The red grabs me.
Casts a spell over me.
Just one kiss.
The lips turn black.
Numbing black.

Narcotic Rhapsody – pt. I


Rushing waves.
Pulling through my veins.
Forgotten the bittersweet pain.
Obsessed with lightness.
Sinking into the depths.

Narcotic Rhapsody – pt. II


Intangible world of thought.
Surpassing me.
Hypnotized by vibrant colors.
Secure in imperfection.
Just one more step.
Before Darkness obscures my view.

Narcotic Rhapsody – pt. III


Poppies sprout.
As far as the eye can see.
Enjoyable to look at.
Lost memories.
Colorless between all the red.

Narcotic Rhapsody – pt. IV





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