Alice in Wonderland – Photography Making of

In July 2014 I created the photo series: “We’re all mad here“. It’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland and here you can read about how this whole series came together.
I organized all accessories, also the little cute rabbit on my pictures is real. It was pretty difficult to get everything into the right place.


For the pictures at the table I only used a reflector, since I wanted the sunshine at her back.

If you also want to use the sun as your main light source, be sure to check at which daytime the sun will be in the right position for your photo shooting. It’s really essential to know, if you want to shoot at a special location. Always check this beforehand or otherwise your pictures won’t achieve the look you wanted to create.

Also be sure, that you treat your models well. Especially in the hot summer sun, so they won’t dehydrate!



A lot of people also asked me how I did the following shot:

Grown Up - We're all mad here
Grown Up – We’re all mad here
Making Of


Making Of

Well it’s not only Photoshop here! Most of this picture was created before editing. My assistant Markus Chrastecky first ignited two small smoke bombs and then he threw the cards over her head.
As you can see it’s not that easy to find the right position, how far you have to throw or where to position the smoke bombs.

At first you have to figure out how the wind rises and then you can decide where the smoke has to go.

On the right you can see the first try, but the wind suddenly changed it’s direction. Well, that’s what happened. ->

Trial and error is quite normal, I think. So don’t give up, if it’s not working at the first try!

Guess some of you also wondered how I took this picture and how I created this dreamy and creepy effect.

red & mad
red & mad

That’s how I’ve done it:

At first I took a translucent foil and painted the bloody pattern with fake blood on it.
Of course you’ll lose sharpness, but in this case I wanted to lose it. I wanted to achieve this creamy look, because “Alice” got lost in her own mind and is painting the whole world in the color red.

A making of picture for proof 😉 ->

Making Of

I hope you enjoyed reading my making of to my photo series “We’re all mad here“.

Anything you want to know badly? Just leave me a message or comment and I’ll answer you. 🙂
Have a wonderful start in the week!

A big thank you to:
model: Miss Fairy
rabbit: Coco
make up: Lisa Grill
assist: Markus Chrastecky & Michaela Chrastecky

Best wishes,



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