150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland – FineArt Prints

Falling Down The Hole - Alice In Wonderland

Due to the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, I’ll be selling my first FineArt Prints!!
I’m really excited about this. You can buy this picture in several formats and different quality.

Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite stories, when I was a child. It’s so fantastic, weird and lovely at the same time.
Lewis Carroll did a very good job and I think Alice in Wonderland is not only a story for children, but also for adults.
Some parts that I didn’t understand earlier are now crystal clear to me. So if you liked this story in your childhood, you should probably go and read it all over again.
Some parts will stay hidden, as long as our mind is not ready for them.

What’s your opinion about Alice in Wonderland? Were you even scared from some characters? How do you feel about it, now that you’re an adult? Did you change like Alice did?

Falling Down The Hole - Alice In Wonderland
Falling Down The Hole – photo: Cornelia Gillmann – assist: Markus Chrastecky – cosplay/model: Yui Cosplay

This picture shows her journey to Wonderland. Alice is curious what’s inside that hole. She climbs in and what she finds was another reality. She becomes Alice in Wonderland. On this picture you can see the moment before she is going to hit the ground. It feels so light, surreal, fantastic and painful at the same time. While the leaves of autumn are falling, so does she. But she isn’t afraid of anything, ’cause she is the one and only Alice. She can do anything, if she wants to. Like you too!!! Go on and take the next step to your journey. There’s even more to see, feel and do, than you would ever imagine.

Format (cm)VersionPrice signed / not signed
(excl. shipping)
15 x 10Quality Print€15 / €10
22 x 15Quality Print€30 / €20
30 x 20Fine Art Poster
Poster semigloss
€90 / €75
€50 / €40
45 x 30Fine Art Poster
Poster semigloss
€120 / €105
€80 / €65
90 x 60Fine Art Poster
Poster semigloss
€145 / €130
€110 / €95
120 x 80Fine Art Poster
Poster semigloss
€220 / €200
€185 / €165

There are many other projects in my mind, that want to get realized soon. So stay tuned for fantastic pictures!

What should be my next fairytale themed photo project??

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Wish you all the best and don’t become mad. 😉
Cornelia Gillmann




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