ATTENTION! Cosplayers needed for research!

dragonage cosplay

I’m doing a research on what cosplayers really expect from their photographers.
The result will be posted on my page, to achieve a better knowledge of what the photos should look like and what is appreciated the most.
Since I’m a cosplayer myself (Ichi Cosplay), I know exactly how important great pictures are to display your work.
But what do most cosplayers truly want?!
To find out the truth, many cosplayers are needed for research.
For example I personally often miss pictures from behind, to show details of the backside from my costume.

Please send me a message to:

Kitty from Kitakichan
cosplay: Kitty from Kitakichan, character: Junko Enoshima, series: Danganronpa

With the following information:

Where are you from?
How old are you?
What’s your gender?
What’s your favorite cosplay (you wore yourself)?
If you want, you can also send me your page/name so I’ll be able to place a quote in my article.

What do you wish your photographer would pay more attention to?
What pictures do you most likely want? Many effects, showing the reality, much editing, less editing, highlighting the cosplay, expression, creative, sexy, most accurate for the character usw….
Have you ever had a bad experience with a photographer? If so, what was it and how are you trying to avoid, that it may happen again?

Anything else you want to tell me, like your experiences, are also very welcome!

Please share this with your cosplay friends!
Thanks a lot for your help! Let the community grow and don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

You can also follow me on Facebook here: Cornelia Gillmann – Photography

All the best wishes,



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